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Color options for dial: anthracite, gray-brown, gold, light blue, red (matt)

Samples of the color options are stated in the photographs of the different models 

EPS Collection 

The first series

While visiting the factory of Lovink Technocast, Klaas Kuiken got fascinated by an iron casting technique called lost-foam casting (LFC). This technique is often used for the production of engine parts, and therefore remains completely invisible for most of the time. 

Klaas wondered: “Would it be possible to use LFC to create accessible and visually interesting products outside an industrial setting?”. And the answer is yes! We proudly present the EPS Collection: an intriguing collection consisting of wood stoves and clocks, all made at Lovink Technocast using the lost-foam casting technique.

How it’s made

First, Klaas made different designs and moulds out of polystyrene foam (styrofoam) which were placed in a sand-filled container. Then, hot cast iron was poured into the container making the foam melt because of the incredible heat and the cast iron takes its place entirely. The result is an exact copy of the polystyrene foam design, casted in one piece and still showing all the beautiful characteristics of the foam mould used.

The collection

The wood stoves and clocks of the EPS Collection are available in a small variety of models, as a result of different approaches in the manufacturing process. For example, there are clocks made out of recycled foam, glued together to create the right shape and wood stoves made out of ‘hand-peeled’ foam resulting in an irregular silhouette (the ones cut with a hot filament, have a nice sleek silhouette).

 All in all a really exciting process, everything had to work out the way we planned at once with absolutely no room for cheating (and yes… we had to order liquid cast iron in quantities of 1.000 liters). We hope you like the EPS Collection as much as we do!

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