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Materials: The frame is made from ash wood.
The planks are made from OSB painted black.
Around the ash wood frame are several melted plastic bags from different brands.

WhiteNoise is a young design duo (2019) consisting of Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders.
Studying at the Bachelor Product Design in Arnhem, they met each other. It wasn't until years later that they joined forces to set up a label together. The combination of these two designers creates an exciting field between technique, concept and playfulness. The work is engaged and a response to everyday society. They started from the Punk and the Dada movement, where the playful, protesting and kicking attitude of the designers especially comes to the front.
Starting in 2019 they have had exhibitions during Dutch Design Week (2019), OBJECT Rotterdam (2020) and are featured in various magazines.

Stop Making Sense is een collectie ontstaan uit de samenwerking tussen Klaas Kuiken en Charley Reijnders. De collectie is een dwalende tocht, inhoudsloos en één groot statement. Irritant onbegrijpelijk en heel relevant. Plastic troep, diepgang, deepthroaten, brandstichter, kapitalisme, vergeeld voedsel, punk, witzakken, vuile matrassen, consumptiemaatschappij Stop Making Sense!

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